For the folks that would rather have their ears removed than hear another Steve Miller, Eagles, Journey, classic rock song. Dagger Radio plays a wide variety new and old underground and not so underground music of many genres. As always the final hour is dedicated to the skateboard punk rock/hardcore of the 70's and 80's.

Hello there. We are FuzzJockRadio. We are here to have a conversation. A conversation about what? Well... I guess that’s for us to decide and for you to figure out. We have a couple hosts, sometimes ghosts and a lot a times hest ghost host guests. You’ll understand once you tune in. Join Sea.Dubbz, JMez & Fuzzy through a journey of sports related incidents and homework.
We absolutely respect you and appreciate your time.


Two brothers, spontaneous conversation,
great music, cocktails, movie quotes, and a strict dress code. What could go wrong? You may not learn something new but you will laugh. Supper coats required.


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