For the folks that would rather have their ears removed than hear another Steve Miller, Eagles, Journey, classic rock song. Dagger Radio plays a wide variety new and old underground and not so underground music of many genres. As always the final hour is dedicated to the skateboard punk rock/hardcore of the 70's and 80's.

Hello there. We are FuzzJockRadio. We are here to have a conversation. A conversation about what? Well... I guess that’s for us to decide and for you to figure out. We have a couple hosts, sometimes ghosts and a lot a times hest ghost host guests. You’ll understand once you tune in. Join Sea.Dubbz, JMez & Fuzzy through a journey of sports related incidents and homework.
We absolutely respect you and appreciate your time.

Join host Nate Rock for a musical trip throught the Motor City. Along the way you'll hear the hits and deep cuts from the 60s, 70s and 80s, that put Motown on the map.
Wednesday nights at 7PMCST.

Two brothers, spontaneous conversation,
great music, cocktails, movie quotes, and a strict dress code. What could go wrong? You may not learn something new but you will laugh. Supper coats required.

The Ethan Clerc Show is a weekly podcast by filmmaker Ethan Clerc on Society, Culture, Conspiracies, and more. A Unique Guest Joins us each Week. There's always something to learn from someone!

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